The Basic Model Interface

The Basic Model Interface (BMI) is a library specification to simplify the coupling of models.


The Basic Model Interface

Development of scientific modeling software increasingly requires the coupling of multiple, independently developed models. Component-based software engineering enables the integration of plug-and-play components, but significant additional challenges must be addressed in any specific domain in order to produce a usable development and simulation environment that also encourages contributions and adoption by entire communities. In this paper we describe the challenges in creating a coupling environment for Earth-surface process modeling and the innovative approach that we have developed to address them within the Community Surface Dynamics Modeling System.



The Community Surface Dynamics Modeling System


BMI documentation


BMI description and bindings


Computers & Geosciences article that describes BMI

Scott D. Peckham, Eric W.H. Hutton, Boyana Norris, A component-based approach to integrated modeling in the geosciences: The design of CSDMS, Computers & Geosciences, Volume 53, April 2013, Pages 3-12, ISSN 0098-3004,